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Summer Courses FOR AGES 8-12

Do you want to gain the skills and confidence that will transform your life at school and beyond?

Choose one of our Oxford summer courses, and start a journey that will change your life.

You’ll enjoy two weeks living and studying at the world-famous University of Oxford.

Whether you want to become an expert in tech and coding, invent an exciting product, or become a world-class artist, you’ll unlock your potential, and make friends for life.

Summer Courses FOR AGES 13-15

Become an expert on subjects that will transform your future studies and career.

Choose one of our Oxford summer courses, and discover fascinating topics in STEM, Business and the Arts.

You’ll be taught by world-class tutors at the prestigious University of Oxford.

Whether you’re a future politician, business leader, artist or scientist, you’ll push your limits, unleash your potential and make connections for life.




Summer Courses FOR AGES 16-18

Are you ready to gain an unrivalled head-start at university, and in your career?

Do you want to receive expert teaching in a world-renowned university, and transform your abilities? Join one of our Oxford summer courses.

Whether you’re the next great business leader, doctor, artist or scientist, you’ll unlock your potential, shape your future, and make invaluable connections.

Summer Courses FOR AGES 19+

Gain an extraordinary head start in your career, and start a journey that will transform your working life. Join one of our Oxford summer courses, at the prestigious University of Oxford.

Perhaps you dream of creating a business, succeeding as a top leader, or becoming a pioneering scientist or artist?

Whatever your goals in life, you’ll be taught by expert tutors, at the cutting-edge of their fields. You’ll transform your future, and make connections that will last a lifetime.



The Oxford Summer School experience

A Uniqe Experience

Step into one of Oxford’s world-famous colleges – your new home – and kickstart the summer of a lifetime.

Transform your future at the University of Oxford

Study, sleep and dine in one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Read and work in Oxford’s famous Bodleian library, gaze on the gothic towers of All-Souls College, and walk in the footsteps of the most brilliant thinkers in history.

Soak in Oxford’s historic atmosphere, and take inspiration from a city with over 800 years of learning tradition. Test your limits, discover your brilliance, and let Oxford transform your future.

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Student Reviews


18 - Trinidad & Tobago

I went to Oxford not really sure what to expect from the program… It all felt too good to be true… All the promotional videos I had watched and all the reviews I had read weren’t enough to paint a picture of what it was like to spend 2 weeks in Oxford studying what I liked with people from all over the world. But as soon as I arrived to my college I had people right outside the campus ready to help me!! It was unreal!! I couldn’t have asked for better staff, teachers, program and even food!



17 - United States

My experience with ORA was a unique experience that I am blessed to share today. I am from Guatemala and this was my first time traveling alone. I was assigned to stay at Lady Margaret Hall. At first I was scared but the staff from ORA was very kind and they welcomed me and made me feel more comfortable. With the experience of ORA I not only learned from our morning classes but I also learned outside of class. It was amazing to be able to meet people from all over the world! It was awesome to observe and learn other cultures and how we all have something in common which is humanity.



19 - Sri Lanka

I spent two weeks this summer at the Queen’s College in Oxford enrolled in ORA’s Broadening Horizons program. Under this program I took classes in Philosophy and Contemporary History and attended the Global Issues Seminar. The two weeks I spent at Queen’s were a whirlwind of exciting activities, intense learning and unforgettable experiences.
My professors were personally some of the best I’ve had as they were highly educated in their respective fields (both of them reading for their doctorates in their fields of study) and they were committed to making the learning opportunities immersive and enjoyable.



19 - United States

First and foremost, it was only one day since the session ended, but I was already missing all the people. I’m not sure where to begin with. The staff and students truly made it a place like no other. I also deeply regret that I did not express my gratitude at the graduation ceremony when I received my award with an invaluable gift attached to it. As a regional bursary scholarship student from Mongolia, it was thrilling for me to spend two weeks with the amazing, supportive and energetic community. I also saw what ORA did for the kids. I could see the changes in them day by day, as amazing as that sounds.



17 - United Kingdom

Studying at Oxford was a dream come true. To live and study like a university student enabled me to gain a a valuable insight into what attending a prestigious university would be like.
During my time a t Oxford, I studied Contemporary History, Journalism and Public Speaking and Debate. All of my teachers were very passionate about their subject and had bountiful knowledge to share. I had never studied any of the subjects before but after attending the programme, I feel significantly more knowledgeable and I am inspired to continue learning.



17 - Benin

There are so many things to talk about my experience at ORA and specifically, at Balliol College. I have loved every single thing and all my counsellors has been of help to me by clearly and nicely engaging me into activities, laughing together and giving me instructions. I stayed at Balliol College from the 4th of August to the 17th of August to study engineering with Mr Johnny as my teacher. He gave most of the tools needed for me to be a great engineer later on. This includes making my robot in robotics class, teaching me in details about drag force, Bernouli’s Principle and etc. The food was delicious and everything was nicely displayed and organized.



Rosie Waygood

Rosie Waygood

EFL Teacher (BA (Hons), PGCE)

At Oxford Summer School, you are given a lot of autonomy to be creative with the students. Students are given the confidence to express themselves in social and intellectual contexts and learn tools to present and debate effectively. All of this takes place in a green collegiate setting, where we foster a community feeling for international people to meet and learn from each other.

Kamil Wyczynski

Kamil Wyczynski

Business Teacher (BA (Hons), MA, PhD)

I always aim to link theory with practice, providing students with the chance to apply their freshly acquired knowledge.

A friendly environment is at the heart of my lessons, so that students feel free to share their ideas and ask any questions when in doubt.

Solomon Beazer

Solomon Beazer

Engineering Teacher (MEng)

The students are exposed to some university level content, and get the chance to learn new exciting skills such as programming and experimentation, and engage with peers from diverse backgrounds. The teacher and student experience, both, are wholly rewarding and difficult to find outside of ORA.

Dr Manrutt Wongkaew

Dr Manrutt Wongkaew

Fashion & Design Teacher (BA (HONS), MA, PHD)

Driven by my commercial experiences within the Fashion Industry and the insight I have drawn from fashion and dance academia, it is my vision to develop students here at ORA into high-performing artists working healthily and positively in the competitive fashion environment.

Kathleen Reinhardt

Kathleen Reinhardt

SAT Teacher (BA, MSc, PCTHE, MPhil, PhD)

The ORA curriculum is oriented in such a way that each session can be tailored to the individual students in the classroom, and their specific learning needs.

I believe that a successful learning environment is created through dynamic practices, such as subdividing classroom time between learning new material, group exercises, presentations and problem solving as a class.


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